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Child Support Owed

Since over 50% of marriages end in divorce these days, child support is a common expense you hear about. Payments are usually made from one parent to the other until the child turns 18. But what happens if a payment is missed? The parent collecting the support might still be entitled to that money and […]

Learning more about the Border Patrol

As a law firm in Arizona, we definitely see a Border Patrol presence. Our firm also handles several types of immigration litigation cases. This article helps explain what our Border Patrol does and what scenarios might arise at the border. When traveling between the U.S. and Mexico keep these things in mind. U.S. Customs and […]

The crucial mistake many make after a car accident

You take selfies all the time, but not everyone thinks to take car accident photos and this can be one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make in this situation. Here is a step by step guide for what you should do after a car accident. Don’t forget to call Tijjani Law as we […]

You’ve been in an accident….now what?

It can be hugely disorienting. It can be traumatic. It can change your life when you get into a car accident. When these big moments happen we are never prepared. There are so many questions as you replay the scene a thousand times in your head. Just know that there are a few things that […]

How to sue for pain and suffering

When you get into an accident, you are scared, potentially hurt and worried about the future as you are now out a mode of transportation and most likely have to miss work, therefore not allowing you to make an income and take care of your responsibilities and family. This is the definition of pain and […]

Why worker’s comp is harder than many realize

If you’ve been injured in an accident that is no fault of your own while you’re on the job site, there are various programs that are available for you at that time. It can however be very difficult to reap the benefits that you deserve from these programs. NPR did a segment which highlighted this […]

If you’ve been hurt at work read this now!

Many people suffer from work related injuries but they do nothing about getting benefits or compensation from their place of employment because they either do not realize that they can or they think it is way too hard to realistically accomplish this. It is possible to get the benefits that you deserve. Call Tijjani Law […]