Know This Info for Happy Holidays

If you are experiencing turmoil in your family around the holiday season there are things you should know so you can make the holidays enjoyable. You might be worried about custody/visitation conflicts or conflict between you and your spouse, read the tips in the article below. Enjoy this time of year and avoid going through unnecessary trouble!

1. Proposing Over the Holidays? 5 Ways to Prepare

If you’re planning on proposing, or maybe even eloping, over the holidays, you should definitely read up on the legal requirements and ramifications of your holiday nuptials. While wise men say that only fools rush in, even if you can’t help it, you can still get some solid legal advice beforehand.

2. 4 Reasons to Delay Divorce Until After the Holidays

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re considering divorce over the holidays, you may want to reconsider, temporarily. Although in many cases, a couple may not be able to spend another day together, there are a few completely legal and compelling financial reasons to delay the inevitable.

3. Child Custody Tips: How to Share the Kids During Holidays

After a divorce, parents who share custody often struggle with sharing their children during the holiday season. While parents may want to spend every last minute of every holiday with their children, it is important to remember that the children likely want to, and will benefit from, seeing both of their parents over the holidays. Finding a way to make that happen may require some creative planning, but it is possible.

4. Legal How-To: Modifying Holiday Child-Custody Plans Out of Court

If you and your former spouse can’t get it together to informally plan sharing custody over the holidays, then a formal agreement might just be what the Juris Doctor ordered. Though getting a court to approve the agreement on short notice during the holidays is unlikely, if you and/or your former spouse are represented by attorneys, then the attorneys may be able to help you reach the same compromise that a court is likely to order.

5. Do Grandparents Get Holiday Visitation Rights?

While parents tend to have sole discretion over who can spend time with their children, in some states, grandparents may be able to seek and obtain visitation rights. Generally, each state’s rules about granting visitation to grandparents will differ, but courts will often focus on what is in the best interest of the child.

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